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Claire Leach

Parkend Summer Stroll


21cm x 14.9cm, pen on paper

27.5cm x 20.5cm, Framed in wood painted black with anti-reflective, UV protected Artglass™

Parkend Summer Stroll was inspired by a walk near Parkend in July 2022. Parkend is a special place as it was where I spent many weekends as a child, it holds a lot of nostalgia and memory for me. On this visit I was with my mum and young son, I was also six months pregnant with my daughter. I enjoyed depicting the leaf strewn muddy bog to the left of the path and the heavy canopy of leaves, the path was striped with sunlight and gave a wonderful contrast in light and dark. This drawing is my personal favourite of the collection.


Parked Summer Stroll

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