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Find Peace In The Balance

38cm x 48cm, Oil on paper

Framed in bare oak, with glass

An original painting from the ‘Seeds’ collection - an extensive body of work depicting abstract translations of life mottos and mantras submitted by Emma’s friends, family, art collectors and followers.

“Find peace in the balance. Find peace in the balance. Balance doesn't always 'feel good'." - Anonymous

EMMA HOWELL Find Peace in the Balance

  • Over the last 7 years, Emma has built a varied and extensive portfolio of original artwork - predominantly launched in collections intermittently throughout the year. Her community of collectors around the world is ever-growing. The artist also makes sure to dedicate time to totally bespoke artwork - utilising her multiple skills, techniques styles, she tailors the work to the collectors’ wishes.


    Every single piece is dedicated to her father, Mark Howell, whose loss taught her how to embrace the beauty and adventure that life can offer.

    Emma lives in the heart of The Cotswolds with her husband Jon and their Golden Retriever, Gibson. She graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art (2015) – and has since sold and exhibited work nationally and internationally across Europe, North America, Australia, and The Seychelles.