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Claire Leach

In A Tangle


21cm x 14.9cm, pen on paper

27.2cm x 20.5cm, Framed in wood painted black with anti-reflective, UV protected Artglass™

In A Tangle was inspired by a walk near woods in Parkend in July 2022 when I visited with my mum and young son. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and was quite frustrated at not being able to walk as quickly and for as long as usual. Stopping to photograph the trees allowed me some respite on the walk, I was taken by the contrast of the tree to the right and the light coming through the leaves. The undergrowth and trees were a challenge to draw as there is no single focal point or path as I often depict, only a tangly mess of branches, leaves, ferns and grasses.

In A Tangle

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