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Life Force


90 x 90 cm, Acrylic, graphite, pastel

95 x 95 cm framed in white tray frame.


Water signifies positive Fung Shui, a balance in life, meditation and the inspiration for this new series of work. This painting has been created by considering the spatial freedom between forms beginning with spontaneous mark making in gold pastel upon which are built layers of paint (some screen printed, glazed and overlapped) and charcoal graphite. The process is a journey without agenda but purely focussing on exploration and discovery.



  • Sarah Boden MA, is a Bristol based, full time professional artist and art tutor with over 20 years experience in painting, previously exhibiting in Europe, Australia and Asia. Her abstract botanical paintings draw on both her travels and her training as an architect, incorporating design in the form of screen printing juxtaposed with the plants and flora found on her travels.. This relationship between the natural world and mankind, inspired by the culture of the east and west, has formed the basis of her work since returning to the UK in 2017.

    Sarah has been shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition , recently exhibited at the Fresh Art Fair, Cheltenham and is currently exhibiting in Spain and south west UK.