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Andrea McLean

The Green Hill and the Water’s Surface

oil on panel 120 x 120 cm




The first layers of this circular oil painting, the 'ground' of the picture are in sandy yellow and orange earth colours. Two figures in a 'medieval' yellow colour symbolise two stances in life. Firstly the leaning forward into life, and a relaxing and reflecting stance. The figure with a pilgrim's staff in hand in the middle of the canvas leans forward into the world. The reflective figure sitting near the top of the image views the world poetically from the high up vista. The landscape is pieced together with many kinds of mark making painted mainly with soft sable brushes. Some elements are clearly water, with waves and ripples shown from different viewpoints. Much of the painting is suggestive of several different things, for example rocks that can also represent clouds. The forest colours give an overall green colour to the painting which evokes the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire landscape and into Wales where you can see Pentre Ifan standing stones in Pembrokeshire.

The Green Hill and the Waters Surface