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Angela Findlay

The morning after the night before


100x100cm Collage and Oil

Unframed on chunky canvas

I am always more interested in painting scenes after the action has happened. The imagination can fill in the gaps, either relating to the evidence shown or imagining what the context could have been and what might have happened.

The morning after Angela Findlay

  • Painter Angela Findlay’s practice is inspired by her interest in everyday moments of beauty, and the traces of time passing. In a variety of techniques and materials, from oil to collage, and combining her love of colour and texture, she makes paintings that capture the intriguing narrative of daily domestic scenarios.

    Angela’s paintings have been shown extensively in exhibitions across the UK and have been purchased by international collectors. Her first book, In My Grandfather’s Shadow, was published by Penguin Transworld in July 2022. She also writes a monthly Blog and gives talks about WW2, transgenerational trauma, memorialisation and the legacy of silence.

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