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80x80 cms unframed

Mixed media on box canvas

Summertime captures the heat and stillness of a late summer day.

Summertime Sally Stafford

  • Sally trained in fine art at Stroud School of Art and has been a full time painter since 2004. Sally has exhibited extensively in galleries throughout the UK and has work held in both private and public collections both in the UK and Internationally

    Sally uses a wide variety of media and enjoys the interaction between acrylics, spray paints, gold leaf and oil pastel.

    Chance and accident are appreciated and included. Natural forms emerge and recede echoing the searching for a memory and the essence of a place and time.

    Sally likes to work in series with the seasons, recognising and celebrating the effects of time. Her work is often more about a plant scape than a landscape accentuating the magic and symbolism of overlooked and forgotten spaces

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