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Melanie Clarke

Melanie Clarke

“My environment and my place within it provide the subject, not as a literal translation but

a response to place. As I walk the woods in a meditative way, making drawings and taking

photos, the familiarity of repeating the same paths but never seeing the same thing forms

a connection. The forest provides me not only with solace but also a huge source of

energy in a constant state of flux of gathering and casting off.”

Melanie’s practice explores the endless possibilities of printmaking techniques including

Collagraph, stone lithography and relief printing methods. She enjoys the physicality of the

Process, both in the building of a matrix and the coaxing of ink transfer to paper and then

further investigations into the properties of the paper itself by folding, burning, piercing and

stitching, allowing the form to appear.

The opportunities offered by the repeat is endlessly fascinating, not to make editions but

to build something more akin to an object where something is the same but not the same

working on each print individually.

The element of chance is vital in the production of her pieces, and she makes little in the way

preparatory work. Printing blocks are made referring to memory and experience with a germ of an idea and then used as one would make preparatory sketches and start printing,

refining and over printing.

Since graduating with a BA (hons) in Fine art from The University of the west of England

and an MA in printmaking from Newcastle university Melanie has shown work widely in solo and group shows both nationally and internationally.

Melanie has been employed as a printmaking technician and principal learning officer at

Gloucestershire college of art and design and Leeds Metropolitan University (now Beckett)

as well as visiting lecturer at various Universities. Since arriving in the Forest of Dean Melanie has been running printmaking workshops at different levels including people with learning difficulties at Artspace Cinderford. In addition, Melanie offers individual tuition and small group workshops in her own printmaking studio.

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