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Patricia Homewood

Patricia Homewood

Patricia Homewood is an artist and printmaker living and working in the Forest of Dean. Patricia has been making relief prints, mostly linocuts, since 2014.

Mostly Patricia’s linocut prints are made using the reduction method, where a single piece of lino is carved in several stages. At each stage a print is taken until a whole image is present.

Patricia begins with a drawing that may have taken six months to evolve. This is transferred to the lino as a line drawing and guides her through the whole cutting and printing process. Generally, the lightest colour is printed first, working through to the darkest. Patricia favours earth pigments, but nearly always use ultramarine blue or indigo as well.

Images are drawn from life drawings, sketches made on location, by the Severn or in the

Forest or garden. Domestic objects, wild birds and ancient northern ships are also important. She always has a guiding idea, such as the story of Hafren, spirit of the Severn, or the attempt to catch the knife edge between stillness and liveliness in a vase of flowers positioned in a quiet place in the house, with the light falling from behind through a muslin curtain. Patricia’s work is very atmospheric: there is a story being told, and one can respond to the feeling of narrative, without needing to have it spelt out.


Patricia taught English language and literature for several decades which perhaps

explains a leaning towards narrative subject matter. Patricia has taught reduction lino cutting at The Yard Print Studio in Drybrook whilst continuing her own training at Spike Island in Bristol. Patricia exhibits her work locally and at the RWA in Bristol, and is building up a loyal following of collectors throughout the UK, in France, and the US.

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