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Ann Johnson

Appassionata Alex copy_edited.jpg

Ann Johnson takes an illustrative, elegantly stylized approach to her still life paintings of floral arrangements. Deep colours, simple linear details, and strong compositions are the hallmark of her rich and emphatic interpretations of flowers.

Ann Johnson’s earlier background was as a fashion journalist on national magazines and newspapers. She has painted and drawn all her life, attending Putney School of Art and Eastbourne School of Art while still working in journalism. An advocate  ‘lifelong learning’, she later gained an Open University degree in humanities and art history. She has collaborated with poets, printers and textile artists and her art has appeared in books, magazines and galleries around the country. Several of her paintings have been hung at Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions and her work is mostly in private collections. Foliage has been a much-loved, constant companion  subject through her artistic journey.

In 2016 she published ‘Wild Margins, Drawings and Inspirations' and recently, 'Wild Margins 2, After the Storm’, which explores the River Wye and beyond.

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