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Sarah Boden

As a professional artist, I create dynamic abstract landscapes and seascapes in mixed media which explore narratives gained while living and working overseas in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Initially working as an architect overseas it wasn’t long before I set up my own art business. I have exhibited in Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand and Spain, worked on commissions for private clients, organised exhibitions to raise funds for local artisans and spent a year as an artist in residence in Basel, Switzerland.

Since returning to the United Kingdom in 2017, my art practice has expanded to explore the fragility of our planet whilst considering the differences and similarities between landscapes and cultures in the east and west. The MA (Art History) I completed with distinction in 2018 has added further references and techniques to my work.

I am delighted to have been invited to exhibit at The Sanctuary Gallery in this beautiful village. The architecture and landscape are truly inspirational.

My paintings have been featured in magazines and collections worldwide. A large part of my art practice involves sharing these creative ideas and the joy art brings through art workshops, both privately and through charities such as Brace Dementia Research in Bristol.

Sarah Boden
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