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Warren Day

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Warren Day is a landscape painter specialising in trees, forests and rural landscapes predominately of the Forest of Dean, Wye Valley and surrounding area showing paths and trackways, undergrowth and scrubland, a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees, and forms of integrated man-made activity.

What distinguishes his work are the real earth samples that are integrated into the artwork adding texture and literally a piece of the scenery reinforcing the connection between the landscape and the painting. On closer inspection one can see small fragments of leaves, seeds and other organic matter within this ‘living painting medium’. Mixed media and acrylic gouache painting capture the exquisite and highly detailed beauty.


From university to commercial illustrator working for clients such as Punch magazine and the Radio Times, Warren has spent the last 25 years as a fully qualified Art and Design teacher.  He lives in the Forest of Dean with his family where he tutors in an exciting local arts centre and works from his studio located on the edge of the forest.  He exhibits regularly and enjoys trail running through this inspirational landscape that is a continuous reference for his paintings.

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